Cisneros Scholars

The Cisneros Leadership Institute was brought to The George Washington University campus last year by founder and alumni Gil Cisneros. The Institute brings several different programs that not only support diversity on campus but also support student growth. The institute funds and runs a pre-college program called Caminos al Futuro and has grants for students conducting research and funds for student orgs that need funding for various activities. But the focal point of the institute is the scholarships that fund between eight and twelve students.

elizabeth vaquera laughing
Director Elizabeth Vaquera and scholar Jacob Quiles laughing after meeting.

These students not only receive a scholarship, they receive asupport system, professional development, and lots of #OnlyatGW moments. Some of the Cisneros Scholars shared their experience with the program and what the institute has done for them.

Freshman scholar Evelyn Ramirez comments on the many opportunities and friendships that the institute has provided for her and is excited about her future in Cisneros.

karen lopez evelyn ramirez and ivana mowrymora walking
Karen Lopez, Evelyn Ramirez, and Ivana Mowry Mora stroll through DC streets.

Ivana Mowry Mora, freshman, talks about the growth that she has experienced since coming to GW and how the institutehad a directeffect in making it plausible. In addition she explains how the institute has made her experience at GW even better.

Freshman Karen Lopez talks about the sense of community and the friendships she has fostered within the institute and how that has affected her experience at GW in a positive fashion.

Scholar Gabriella Luna and Karen Lopez laughing at institute headquarters

Aaron Galloway talks about the endless opportunities that Cisneros provides him and the support system that he gained since coming to college through the institute.

Junior scholar  Abril Castro talks about the professional development that institute has provided her with any the many different aspects of the Cisneros Hispanic Leadership Institute.


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